Monday, March 14, 2011

Mathare Foundation Centre

NMK Component 1 (Support to Community Driven Food Security Initiatives) grant is meant to empower groups through capacity building and provision of cash grants for up scaling agricultural activities. Target beneficiaries are registered small community groups. One such beneficiary is Mathare Foundation Centre in Nairobi.

The group is situated in Mathare Division and carries out its activities at St Teresa Schools. It was funded in the year 2006/07 to the tune of 120,000 Ksh. to start a posho mill. 

From their revolving fund of Ksh 70,000, the group diversified into livestock and horticulture farming. Today the group has 10 dairy cows, 14 mature pigs and 3 acres under horticultural production (kales, spinach, local vegetables like managu, kunde etc).
Dairy cows
Pig production

The group has constantly supplied the local communities with clean and high quality milk and a continuous supply of vegetables even when it’s dry since they undertake bucket irrigation.
Other ongoing activities include construction of soil conservation structures and agro-forestry tree nurseries done in collaboration with Kenya Forest Service. 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Overview of Njaa Marufuku Kenya

Welcome to the Njaa Marufuku Kenya Blog!
Model kitchen gardens in schools.
 Njaa Marufuku Kenya is a project by the Agriculture Sector Ministries to address food insecurity and poverty alleviation, in line with MDG 1.
It supports community driven agricultural development initiatives targeting the extremely poor and vulnerable groups in our communities. Interventions are geared towards increased agricultural productivity, food utilization, agro-processing and value-addition, health and nutrition improvement, water harvesting and conservation of the natural resource base to ensure sustainability of the current production systems.
The overall objective of the programme is to contribute to reduction of poverty, hunger and food insecurity among poor and vulnerable communities in Kenya by 2015. The strategic objectives include:
1. To enhance community driven food security initiatives through support to resource poor and vulnerable communities.
2. To improve the health and nutrition status of vulnerable groups (pregnant and lactating mothers, children under five and school-going children).
3. To promote participation of private sector in innovative food security and livelihoods initiatives.
4. To strengthen management and coordination of the programme through strengthening organizational structures, linkages and collaboration with stakeholders.

This blog is to ensure sharing of information and knowledge, progress, success stories, challenges, and new innovations with our stakeholders. We encourage you to share your views, comments, advice on the work we are doing on our blog.